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A Note From Dr. Natalie

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Most people believe acupuncture is just with the use of needles. There are many ways to help treat a person. My treatments include the use of magnets and cords, tuning forks, moxabustion and herbs, as well as needles, if the patient is open to them. I would never want someone to not receive treatment and obtain optimum health due to being needle phobic. My expertise is in treating pain, stress, depression, mind, body and soul, cancer and infertility.

I specialize in a unique type of treatment, which is performed by only a limited number of Acupuncture Physicians. The NSEV ™ (Non-somantic Extraordinary Vessels) treatment is a modern adaptation of an ancient Chinese medicine and acupuncture healing system that addresses a person’s core patterns of functioning, in addition to their presenting symptoms, to alleviate pain, both physical and emotional, and achieve optimum wellness. The ultimate goal of NSEV™ Healing is to create a healthy balance among these internal functioning patterns, as well as overall harmony in the way a person interacts with the world around them. I put each person into a diagnostic model and choose which modality would best treat their chief complaint.